Usluga šminkanja u Splitu

A professional make-up service is a luxury service, i.e. a treatment that allows you to achieve the perfect look for special occasions, events or professional photos. When you book a makeup service, you can expect the following:

1. Consultation: The makeup artist will discuss with you the type of look you want to achieve, the theme of the event and your preferences. This is an opportunity to express your wishes and ideas and to create a plan for the desired make-up together with the make-up artist.

2. Skin preparation: Before applying makeup, the makeup artist will prepare your skin by cleansing, moisturizing and applying adequate products adapted to your skin type to ensure an even and long-lasting foundation.

3. Makeup application: The makeup artist will apply makeup using various techniques and products, including foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara, false eyelashes, lipstick and other products suitable for the look you wish to achieve.

4. Giving advice: During the make-up application, the make-up artist can give advice on products, techniques or styles that suit you. You can get recommendations on color shades, correction and highlighting of certain parts of the face, and ways to maintain makeup during the event.

5. Final touch: After applying the makeup, the makeup artist will finish the look by adjusting the eyebrows, setting the makeup with a setting spray or other finishing steps to ensure the longevity and flawless appearance of the makeup.

Makeup service can be booked for various occasions such as weddings, proms, photo shoots, celebrations or special events. Regardless of the occasion, make-up artist will help you achieve a look that will stand out and be unforgettable. A professional make-up service allows you to feel confident, beautiful and ready for special moments.

It is important to make an appointment in advance to ensure the availability of a makeup artist. If you wish, it is possible to arrange for a professional photo shoot right after the make-up session, but you must emphasize that wish when making the appointment.

Be open in communication, express your wishes and be willing to work together to achieve the look that works best for you. For more information see contact.

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