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Šminkanje uz fotografije

A beauty portrait is a close-up portrait, usually cropped from the chest up or closer. Portrait can vary from little or no makeup to dramatic creative makeup.

Beauty portraits can be very different depending on the context in which they are used. Portraits can be artistic or commercial in nature. As the definition would imply – the woman in the photo generally looks beautiful regardless of intent.

The photos in my portfolio are simply art photos. They are the result of a great collaboration between makeup artists, hairdressers, models and photographers. By the way, the most important word in the last sentence was “cooperation”. It is impossible to make successful beauty photos without the high-quality cooperation of those mentioned above.

The photos you will see in my portfolio are examples of commercial beauty portraits, like the ones you see in ads or magazines. You will notice that commercial ‘beauty’ has much less makeup, the model’s gaze is clear and clean while the eyes are in the focus of the frame.

Finally, a word from photographer Ante Mandić:
“True high end beauty photography requires collaboration between all parties involved (without exception!) and to be clear, I’m not afraid to admit that in almost 90% of cases the makeup artist deserves much more credit for the outcome of the beauty portrait than I do as the photographer.”

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