fashion course

Fashion Course

Modern fashion look for camera and recording

A specialized training program aimed at both women and men who have experience in makeup and want to perfect their makeup techniques for the camera.

This type of education requires certain prior knowledge, as it implies building on existing knowledge. The look is made according to agreement and according to your wish, exclusively 1:1.

A short theoretical part as an introduction to the look, we learn how makeup behaves in front of the camera depending on the skin type, along with tips & tricks and product recommendations for this type of work.

In addition, after completed training, you can choose professional studio photography, and you will have the right to use “high end” photos.

Duration – 180 min/ look
Theoretical part – 15 min
Practical part – 135 min
Professional photography – 30 min (extra charge)
The total duration of the Fashion Course is 3 hours.

Each look is covered in a detailed theoretical part, which we later apply through practice. All work material and models are provided, and upon completion of the training, the participant will receive a certificate.

The price does not include high-quality (high-end) professional photos, which are delivered 7-10 working days from the day of the education. Photos can be used for self-promotion and for other purposes, subject to mandatory mention of the author. It is possible to buy a minimum of 3 photos.

Booking and consultations can be made by phone or email.
Education fee is a one-time payment, in cash or by transaction – by payment to a giro account, no later than the first day of the agreed date of training.

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