field work

Rad na terenu - šminkanje

Makeup services through field work can be arranged at your location. If you are interested in booking a makeup artist for field makeup work, it is important to understand that the prices and conditions differ from those for standard makeup services.

Field work is a greater challenge for makeup artists, and may require additional time and effort to achieve the desired result. However, with proper planning and communication, makeup services through field work can be a unique and rewarding experience that gives great results to mutual satisfaction.

I come to your location by appointment, for makeup of at least six girls. That day is reserved exclusively for you and I am at your disposal all the time, so it is easier and simpler for you to organize yourself without spending your time on transportation and similar things.

If you are not sure whether the arrival of a make-up artist is the best solution for your big day, see the most frequently asked questions HERE.

Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your circumstances and determine the details of my arrival together.

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