The fastest and easiest way to schedule a make-up appointment is via Whatsapp.
Enter your name, surname, and the date and time of the appointment that suits you, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

It takes an average of 60-90 minutes to apply the makeup, depending on the desired look and style.

Yes, field makeup can be arranged at your location.
It is important to know that field work has specific working conditions, therefore the price and service conditions differ from that for standard makeup. Please call +385 97 745 4723 to get specific and accurate information as soon as possible.

A trial makeup is actually a real, regular makeup which is charged at the regular price, depending on the look. On average, it takes considerably longer than regular makeup process, because the makeup needs to be tried on, adjusted to your wishes and adapted to your facial physiognomy.

Trial makeup service is mainly used by brides-to-be who are not sure what kind of wedding makeup they want, or have not had the opportunity to do the makeup with me, so they want to discover or try the perfect makeup for their big day with my help.

What I can confirm with certainty and from experience is that every bride who has had a makeup trial would repeat that experience all over again, because in this way she got rid of unnecessary stress and fear of how the makeup will look on the wedding day, whether she will be satisfied, etc. 

It has long been known that healthy and well-groomed skin is the most beautiful decoration of the face. In order for the client to shine for the makeup procedure and later on the photo shoot for personal or professional needs, it is necessary to follow a few golden unwritten rules that will greatly facilitate the makeup artist and, if necessary, the photographer.

It is essential to choose adequate products to wash and clean the face, then perform the exfoliation, and finally hydration.
Clean your face and apply an exfoliant or scrub that will remove dead skin cells and make it softer, smoother and perfectly prepared for other products such as serums and then moisturizers.
Choose water-based products if you have a mixed or oily skin type, and if you lean towards a dry skin type, then more specific and saturated (oilier) creams will suit your skin better.

An indispensable part of the preparation is the removal of those tiny hairs that you may not see in the mirror at first, but believe me… Everyone sees them (especially after professional makeup)!
It is necessary to remove excess hair from the area above the lips as well as the eyebrows – avoid cutting the eyebrows so that the makeup artist can later adapt and shape them more easily to your face, but also to the look itself.

Given the circumstances and the unpredictable schedule, it is difficult to judge when is the ideal time to book. Certainly, what is recommended is that you contact us as soon as you find out about the date of the event. For makeup, the unwritten rule “first-come, first-served” applies, so don’t wait, book your appointment on time. The fastest way to do this is to fill out the contact form.

It is always better to come for makeup after a haircut in order to avoid the harmful effects of water (washing hair), heat devices (hair dryer, hair curler, hair iron) and hair products (spray, gel, etc.). It is recommended to book hair and makeup with enough time to avoid unnecessary delays.

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