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Build your skills through 5 looks

Specialized training and upgrade program for both women and men who want to achieve professional success in the beauty industry and the world of makeup. Basic education includes basic makeup looks that can later be upgraded in different ways, and they are:

DAY MAKEUP (no makeup) – classic airy makeup that suits both young and mature skin, where we focus on the correct use of tools and the application of the previously learned theoretical part
MODERN PIN-UP LOOK – an enriched timeless look that includes eyeliner and red lipstick, the technique of applying gel eyeliner, perfecting the correct drawing of eyebrows and lips, and face contouring
BRIDAL LOOK – wedding makeup, which should be personalized for each bride, we learn how to achieve fresh, yet long-lasting makeup
SMOKEY EYES – eternal smokey suits every eye, so it is important to thoroughly study this technique, which is practically the basis of almost any look
ZAVRŠNI RAD – the look chosen by the participant of the training, we apply the previously learned knowledge and create the final look as desired

Before the practical part of the education, the participant is introduced to a thorough and extensive theoretical part which is an introduction to the look, we learn how and in what way to acquire and develop skills as a makeup artist with tips & tricks and product recommendations for clients.


BASICS OF COSMETOLOGY AND DERMATOLOGY – getting to know all types of skin, face anatomy and shape, various skin conditions and diseases
TOOLS – correct selection and handling of tools, brushes and other necessary work accessories, such as eyelash curlers, different types of tweezers, ‘cat eye’ tapes, disposable applicators (which ones and why) etc.
HYGIENE – rules and the importance of maintaining a high standard of hygiene, both for oneself and tools. The emphasis is on cleaning and disinfecting accessories and cosmetic products, as well as developing daily hygiene habits
SKIN PREPARATION – there is no beautiful makeup without beautiful skin, we teach the importance of specific individualized care and preparation of the face before applying makeup for the client, tips&tricks
FACE CORRECTIONS – we teach facial contouring techniques that are adapted to each model/client, color correction of various skin irregularities, eyebrow correction and definition
COLOR THEORY – application and matching of colors and textures depending on the skin tone and other physical characteristics of the client, recognition and differentiation of skin tones and undertones
BUSINESS COMMUNICATION – an important factor that is the basis of work in this branch and business due to direct work with people, we develop psychomotor and communication skills, teach how to show care and interest for a client
SOCIAL NETWORKS – creating a portfolio, the basics of marketing and promotion on social platforms, sustainability and competitiveness on them.

Duration -180 min/ look, with additional 30 min of photography = 210 min
Theoretical part – 30 min/ look
Practical part – 750 min/ look
Professional photography – 30 min (extra charge)
The total duration of the Base Course is approximately 20 hours.

Bridal makeup

Each look is covered in a detailed theoretical part, which we later apply through practice. All work material and models are provided, and upon completion of the training, the participant will receive a certificate.

The price does not include high-quality (high-end) professional photos, which are delivered 7-10 working days from the day of the education. Photos can be used for self-promotion and for other purposes, subject to mandatory mention of the author. It is possible to buy a minimum of 3 photos.

Booking and consultations can be made by phone or email.
Education fee is a one-time payment, in cash or by transaction – by payment to a giro account, no later than the first day of the agreed date of training.

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