Katarina Perković - O meni

how did it all begin?

My dear clients often ask how I started my career and when I discovered my talent, and the answer is always the same – when I discovered the color label. I have always had a sense for aesthetics and what could be called ‘that something’ in my hands. After that, all my friends wore my makeup for dates, birthdays and other occasions, and to this day that love for makeup only grows. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you have turned your former hobby into a business, that you enjoy realizing your own ideas and realizing your dreams every day, while at the same time making people satisfied and happy. It’s a blessing, it’s what fulfills you at the end of the day, and I’m grateful to each of my clients who trusted me, believed in my skills and knowledge, because if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be here either.

Through all these years I had the opportunity and honor to participate in various projects, events, fashion shows, filming, so today I have some content behind me that you can view in my PORTFOLIO.

What is specific for me both in life and in work is that when I do something, I do it with all my heart and fully dedicated.

I’m a big perfectionist who takes care of details and have high standards, so I try to make every look unique, precise, special, rich and what one would call ‘clean’.

what is your inspiration?

What inspires me the most are the faces of each of you. Face, eyes, character, every person in this world is unique and different from the other, and I believe that makeup should be the same – special and individualized. I am inspired by the world of art in general, especially cinematography, but also by a few fellow make-up artists.

Everyone has their own vision and interpretation of the same. It fascinates me, it inspires me, it broadens my horizons, and I am happy that there are many talented artists of various branches in the world who are a living inspiration to many, and food for the soul!

Sometimes, during the first meeting between me and the client, it can happen that ideas just come out on their own. I look at a person and I know that this is it, that my thought and idea is perfect for that face in front of me. Of course, in consultation with the client, I adjust the look and the intensity of the makeup, because everyone has their own preferences, and as they say: there is no arguing about tastes.

Katarina Perković - makeup
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